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will cfd ever replace experiment

Will CFD Ever Replace Experiment? [PODCAST]

This week, guest Aaron Sarafinas, Principal of Sarafinas Process & Mixing Consulting LLC, joins John to discuss one loaded question: “Will CFD or some CFD parallels ever replace experiment, and in an increasingly digitized world, what’s the role of experiment?”

Do You Need a Ph.D. to Run CFD? [PODCAST]

This week, guest Eric Janz, Faculty of Practice at University of Dayton Innovation Center, joins John to discuss his experience with CFD and address a frequently asked question: Do you need a Ph.D. to run information from a CFD simulation?

Let’s Stop Using RANS [PODCAST]

This week, guest Johannes Wutz from M-Star Center Europe GmbH joins John to discuss turbulence modeling.

cloud computing for cfd

CFD in the Cloud [PODCAST]

This week, guest Kevin Smith, M-Star’s Director of Software Development, joins John to discuss computational fluid dynamics in the cloud. 

What’s the Big Deal About GPU Computing? [PODAST]

This week, guest Brian DeVincentis, M-Star’s Lead Algorithm Developer, joins John to discuss the question, “What’s the big deal about GPU computing?”

What’s Wrong with CFD Software Today? [VIDEO]

M-Star President John Thomas talks about the problems with traditional CFD software – and what’s possible today with modern tools.

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