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Build advanced fluid models in minutes, predict real-time dynamics with precision and solve more complex fluid flow problems faster. M-Star is CFD software for the real world.

M-Star Simulations, LLC, is a software company focused on the development of computational tools for modeling momentum, energy and mass transport within engineering and biological systems. By pairing modern algorithms with graphical processing card (GPU) architectures, this software enables users to quickly perform calculations with predictive fidelity that rivals physical experiment. These outcomes are achieved using a simple graphical interface that requires minimal user specification and setup times.

Founded in Maryland in 2014, M-Star Simulations has grown to include commercial, government and academic users across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

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From CPU to GPU-based Computing

The maturation of GPU-based computing hardware and massively parallelizable physics algorithms have presented a step-change in simulation capabilities.  M-Star CFD running on a GPU workstation will advance orders-of-magnitude faster than what could be realized in a CPU environment using conventional finite volume approaches.

Nvidia K40 GPU

From Calculation to Simulation

For those who have not tried simulation, it’s time to look again. For experienced users, M-Star CFD offers a step-change in your workflow.

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