Free-Surface Dynamics

Free-surface systems are topologically complex and almost always time-varying. The transient, high-resolution simulation accessible using M-Star CFD provides detailed insights into the sloshing, vortexing, and rocking that characterize these systems.

How it Works

Modeling Capabilities

M-Star CFD was built to run on millions and billions of lattice grid points. This allows you to model complex free-surface systems—including filling and draining systems—accurately and in minutes.

  • Vortex Sloshing, Vortexing, Rocking
  • Transfer Free-Surface Mass Transfer
  • Forces Transient Solid Body Forces
  • Drainage Filling/Draining Systems

Modeling free surface gas transfer in agitated lab-scale bioreactors

Read how researchers at AbbVie are using M-Star CFD to examine mass transfer properties and shaker flasks, as well as the energy dissipation rates within the fluid.

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