Particle-laden systems often require the simultaneous solution of the fluid field, particle fields, and interactions between the two phases. The GPU-based implementation of M-Star CFD makes large-scale simulations of such systems accessible and practical.

How it Works

Modeling Capabilities

M-Star CFD was built to run on millions and billions of lattice grid points. This allows you to model complex multiphase solid/liquid systems accurately in time scale relevant to industrial design.

  • Simulations CFD-DEM Simulation
  • Non-spherical Non-Spherical Particles
  • Reacting Particles
  • Particle Breakup
  • Mixing Mixing Rules

Predicting NJS using Lattice Boltzmann Simulation

Read how researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) used M-Star CFD to understand the physics driving particle suspension in agitated tanks.

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