M-Star CFD


Run Complex Physics Simulations Instantly

M-Star solves advanced Lattice Boltzmann algorithms on GPUs to help you produce detailed, accurate process simulations in minutes.

M-Star solves advanced Lattice Boltzmann algorithms on GPUs to help you produce detailed, accurate process simulations in minutes.

How it Works

M-Star pairs modern algorithms with modern GPU architectures, requiring minimal user specification and setup times—and delivering maximum science.

Define Your Geometry

Define your specific process and simulation parameters in the GUI. Focus on what matters without getting bogged down in CAD shape healing or meshing complex geometries.

  • Import existing geometry, including low-quality or imperfect files (CAD, IGES, STEP, STL)
  • Leverage our growing catalog of built-in parametric geometries
  • Generate common mixing impellers and tanks, and ASME heads and pipes dynamically
Model Set-up

Layer Extraordinary Physics

Our combination of a Lattice Boltzmann CFD solver and high-resolution meshes provides the basis fluid model for all M-Star simulations. With M-Star, more problems are solvable—with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

  • Leverage our advanced non-Newtonian fluids and custom user-defined fluid models
  • Enrich models with additional physics, such as transient chemical reactions and particle motions
  • Generate results with incredible detail and accuracy

Perform Rich Analysis

Use our integrated post-processing suite to analyze data as it’s generated in real time by the solver.

  • Calculate common items such as power number, residence time, and blend time without leaving the M-Star platform
  • Output data into common formats compatible with most post-processing tools
  • Create photorealistic renderings, backed by high fidelity numerical solutions

Integrate into Your Enterprise

  • Connect to existing geometry and materials databases on your network
  • Deploy apps that put models in the hands of users
  • Run automatic parameter sweeping and simulation setup
  • Create custom reporting scripts and reporting templates

Built by CFD Experts to Power Real Physics


  • Run on laptops, desktops, GPU clusters, or directly on the cloud
  • Modular and cross-platform (Windows/Linux) pre-processor, solver, and post-processor
  • Integrate directly with CAD or other process modeling software


  • In-depth training with the M-Star CFD team
  • Regular and practical code updates to address your needs
  • Consulting expertise in fluid mechanics and process simulation


Get Started with M-Star

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