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Fluid dynamics software

M-Star CFD is a modeling and simulation tool that provides highly accurate and detailed insights into complex fluid flow. The tool is built to serve the needs of both engineering professionals and advanced researchers.

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Simulation of pitch blade impeller with 10M particles injected at t=0


M-Star CFD is a software tool that simulates real world systems with unprecedented accuracy. The high fidelity results are driven by Large Eddy Simulation and advanced lattice-Boltzmann algorithms. These techniques are able to exploit modern computing architectures.

M-Star uses Large Eddy Simulation (LES) to produce incredible results of your real world system. The flow fields realized by this approach offer highly detailed flow structure information. We are then are able to layer on other physics, such as transient chemical reactions and particle motions.

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Vortex core formation


Mean Age Analysis


Yield Stress Fluid

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Fluid Models

  • Newtonian
  • Power law
  • Carreau fluids
  • Herschel-Bulkley
  • Thixotropic fluids
  • User defined viscosity-strain relationships

Multi-phase Physics

  • Free surface flows
  • Lagrangian particle and bubble tracking
  • Bubble and particle break-up/coalescence
  • Immiscible fluid interactions
  • Miscible fluids and stratified systems
  • One and two-way particle and bubble coupling

Scalar Transport

  • Thermal transport
  • Scalar field transport
  • Multi-species reactions
  • Exothermic/endothermic reactions
  • Viscous heating and softening
  • Sub-grid mixing
  • Fast reaction treatment

Momentum Transport

  • Direct numerical simulation
  • Smagorinsky large eddy simulation (LES)
  • Time-averaged flow field
  • Frozen turbulent flow field

In-Situ Analysis

  • Custom plugin support (User Defined Functions)
  • Blending/mean-age
  • Residence time distribution
  • Recirculation loops
  • Static/moving probes


  • Cross-platform GUI works on Windows and Linux
  • Import IGES, STEP, STL files
  • Built-in parametric geometry
  • No user meshing

Computational Backend

  • GPU support
  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux
  • Self-optimizing block generation
  • Mesh refinement zones


  • Open source 2D/3D VTK output
  • One-click post-processing in ParaView
  • User-defined post-processing scripts


  • Virtual via screen sharing and phone
  • Email support
  • On-site training available

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