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Build advanced fluid models in minutes, predict real-time dynamics with precision, and solve complex fluid flow problems faster with M-Star CFD software.

Run Complex CFD Simulations Instantly

M-Star is modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that provides first-principles modeling tools for scientists and engineers, generating predictions that are functionally indistinguishable from measured data

Easy To Use CFD Software

The simple graphical interface and minimal user specification in M-Star CFD software means most users will be trained to use the tool in a matter of hours.

Focus on defining your physical modeling parameters right away with no volume meshing in the M-Star workflow.

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Run CFD Simulations on a Standard Desktop GPU

M-Star CFD pairs modern algorithms with modern GPU architectures providing faster simulation times critical for modeling processes that take seconds, minutes, or hours of runtime.

Complete simulations in a fraction of the time of traditional modeling approaches and without needing expensive, specialized servers or large CPU clusters.

Functionally Indistinguishable Predictions

M-Star CFD is equipped with integrated post-processing tools that allow for real-time data analysis and photorealistic rendering, facilitating a deeper understanding of simulation results.

Generate predictions that are functionally indistinguishable from measured data and investigate previously impractical problems.

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Featured CFD Applications

Engineers, scientists, and researchers of every experience level use M-Star computational fluid dynamics software to model a multitude of momentum, energy, and mass transport problems.

  • CFD-DEM Simulations
  • Bioreactors
  • Agitated Tanks
  • Free Surface Dynamics

CFD-DEM Simulations

Particle-laden systems often require the simultaneous solution of the fluid field, particle fields, and interactions between the two phases. The GPU-based implementation of M-Star CFD software makes large-scale simulations of such systems accessible and practical.


Most biologic processes are developed in lab-scale, tabletop bioreactors with small operating volumes. M-Star helps you build, run, and post-process simulations for real-world, production-sized bioreactors that can hold up to tens-of-thousands of liters.

Scaling Up Bioreactors

Agitated Tanks

Mixing processes in multi-fluid systems present more complicated competition between fluid inertia and buoyancy. M-Star CFD software helps you model and predict real-time fluid mechanics with greater speed and fidelity than ever before.

Free Surface Dynamics

Free-surface systems are topologically complex and almost always time-varying. The transient, high-resolution simulation accessible using M-Star CFD software provides detailed insights into the sloshing, vortexing, and rocking that characterize these systems.

  • Case Study

How AbbVie Built Digital Twins to Understand Miscible Fluid Blending

With M-Star CFD software, AbbVie built accelerated digital twins of a physical mixing tank to predict real-time fluid mechanics with a fidelity that rivals experimental data.

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  • Case Study

Bristol Myers Squibb Predicts Mass & Oxygen Transfer in Bioreactors

BMS used M-Star CFD to build time dependent, bubble-resolved, two-phase models to investigate the real-time blending, and mass and oxygen transfer in stirred tank bioreactors.

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  • Case Study

How Pfizer Leveraged Digital Twins to Create a Process Scale-Up Roadmap

Pfizer built digital twins with M-Star CFD to perform lab experiments in silico, accelerating the speed of manufacturing innovation and minimizing the scope of required supporting experimental studies.

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  • Publication

Validating Lattice Boltzmann LES for Biopharma Equipment Characterization

Boehringer Ingelheim and the Institute of Multiphase Flows use M-Star CFD to apply transient LB LES to a 3L bioreactor system and compare results to a steady RANS simulation.

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