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Model Mass Transfer, Multiphase Fluid Flow & More in Bioreactors

Most biologic processes are developed in lab-scale, tabletop bioreactors with small operating volumes. M-Star helps you scale-up processes from lab-scale to production scale build with greater speed and fidelity than ever before.

How it Works

Modeling Capabilities

M-Star CFD was built to to handle simulations with millions of grid points and millions of individually tracked bubbles. This allows you to model complex bioreactor physics problems – including mass transfer, multiphase fluid flow and more – accurately and in minutes.

  • Gas Hold-Up​
  • Oxygen and CO2 transfer​
  • Reactions
  • Bubble break-up coalescence​

"A mechanistic approach for predicting mass transfer in bioreactors"​

Read how we worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb to develop and validate physics-based models for predicting mass transfer in sparged bioreactors at multiple scales.

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