CFD Applications

What Systems Do You Need to Model?

M-Star CFD helps you rapidly and accurately model complex physics simulations across multiple applications. Explore some of our clients’ models below—or let us know what you need.


Most biologic processes are developed in lab-scale, tabletop bioreactors with small operating volumes. M-Star helps you build, run, and post-process simulations for real-world, production-sized bioreactors that can hold up to tens-of-thousands of liters.

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cell growth in bioreactor

Agitated Tanks

Mixing processes in multi-fluid systems present more complicated competition between fluid inertia and buoyancy. M-Star CFD helps you model and predict real-time fluid mechanics with greater speed and fidelity than ever before.

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Recirculation Systems

Recirculation and jet-mixing systems present competition between blend time and residence time—along with strong spatial variations in fluid velocity. As a fully transient and three-dimensional solver, M-Star CFD is ideally suited to capture these complex physics.

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CFD-DEM Simulations

Particle-laden systems often require the simultaneous solution of the fluid field, particle fields, and interactions between the two phases. The GPU-based implementation of M-Star CFD makes large-scale simulations of such systems accessible and practical.

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Non-spherical DEM

Free-Surface Dynamics

Free-surface systems are topologically complex and almost always time-varying. The transient, high-resolution simulation accessible using M-Star CFD provides detailed insights into the sloshing, vortexing, and rocking that characterize these systems.

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Droplet Dispersion

Two-fluid dispersion processes are crucial to many drug product and chemical manufacturing processes. M-Star CFD uses rigorous first-principles modeling approaches for predicting droplet size distributions and dispersion physics.

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HVAC & Climate Control

M-Star CFD helps engineers visualize problems and generate solutions to optimize HVAC system designs—fast, accurately, and cost-effectively—without having to install or build a physical prototype.

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HVAC Simulation

Behind the Physics

M-Star CFD was built to run on millions and billions of lattice grid points, so you can model almost anything accurately and in minutes. M-Star CFD applications include but are not limited to:

Discover What You Can Discover With M-Star

Whether you’re an engineer just starting out, or an advanced researcher trying to answer the unanswerable—M-Star was designed to make your work easier. See for yourself today.