Filling and
Recirculation Systems

Recirculation and jet-mixing systems present competition between blend time and residence time—along with strong spatial variations in fluid velocity.  As a fully transient and three-dimensional solver, M-Star CFD is ideally suited to capture these complex physics.

How it Works

Modeling Capabilities

M-Star CFD was built to run on millions and billions of lattice grid points. This allows you to model complex jet mixing problems—including mass transfer, multiphase fluid flow, and more—accurately and in minutes.

  • Circulation Recirculation Systems
  • Nozzle Moving Nozzles
  • Drainage Filling/Draining Systems
  • Time Time-Varying Inlets/Outlets

Mixing in Large Tanks using Static and Rotating Jets

Read how the Department of Energy Savanna River National Lab uses M-Star CFD to optimize blending processes in nuclear storage vessels. In systems where physical experiment is not practical, M-Star CFD can be used to perform numerical experiments in silico.

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