How much faster is M-Star compared to other CFD solvers?

The independent results are in: M-Star solves the same models/physics with a speed about 100–1000x faster than any popular “Other Software You See” FVM solver.

In print, this 100–1000x speed increase is just a number. So let’s take a physical example:

Say you need to travel across a continent for an important business meeting. One option is to walk—a process that might take several months. Hopefully you don’t get bitten by a snake or stranded in a blizzard. Another option is to fly on an airplane—a process that takes only a few hours. Don’t forget to bring a good book and enjoy the snacks.

Although both approaches give you the same net effect—crossing the continent—the two processes are incomparable. Traveling on a plane is more than just “walking really fast”—it’s a paradigm shift in how you orchestrate business and live.

In simulations, running 100–1000x faster is not just the same old stuff, only faster . . . it is a paradigm shift in the types of systems you model.

Stop walking across continents. Avoid snakes and blizzards. Start flying with M-Star. Your time is too valuable.