Conventional CFD is difficult and expensive. Most CFD software uses RANS approaches to model just about everything, including unsteady processes and highly turbulent flows. It is sufficient for some applications, and if you know what you're doing you can wring something out of it. This comes at a heavy cost, hidden away in the man-hours spent meshing complex geometries, selecting turbulence models, cleaning CAD files, and turning a dozen solver knobs to influence stability. After all this you can still be left with inaccurate results. This is changing, now. Welcome to M-Star.

M-Star does not require boundary fitted volume meshes. All simulations are done with high resolution LES models. Simulations can be run to produce minutes of simulated time. Results are delivered faster due to algorithm locality (No expensive linear system iterating). Work-flow is stream-lined and tolerant of imperfect CAD files. Models can be enriched with complex fluid models and additional physics. M-Star is CFD for the real world.

  • M-Star users focus on their system/process instead of CFD nuance
  • M-Star users get more done due to simple workflow
  • M-Star results are highly accurate and provide incredible insights
  • M-Star executes at an order of magnitude faster than conventional RANS CFD solvers
  • M-Star results are beautiful


Import your existing IGES, STEP, or STL files into M-Star and start simulations quickly. M-Star is able process low-quality CAD and STL files with relative ease, so you don't get bogged down in CAD shape healing. Users instead focus on what matters. They define their specific process and simulation parameters in the GUI right away after bringing in their geometry. This makes including M-Star in your analysis workflow straightforward and powerfully flexible.

Users may leverage our growing catalog of built-in parametric geometries. This is an incredibly useful tool to generate notional systems quickly and without any upstream CAD tools or CAD experts. Simulations can be constructed and running in minutes.

  • Import existing geometry: IGES, STEP, STL
  • Leverage built-in parametric catalog
  • Generate tanks, ASME heads, and pipes dynamically
  • Generate common mixing impellers
  • No volume meshing


M-Star has extraordinary capability. At the core of the M-Star model is the lattice Boltzmann CFD solver. This methodology generates results with incredible detail and accuracy. The high resolution meshes used in M-Star allow the usage of Large Eddy Simulation (LES). This provides the basis fluid model of all M-Star simulations. Advanced non-Newtonian fluids and even custom user-defined fluids are available in M-Star. From here, the user is able to layer on additional physics as needed.

Scalar field transport is a commonly invoked component in M-Star. This component is used for a variety of reasons, and we are always finding more use-cases for this model. Custom user-defined chemical reactions, scalar-dependent fluid properties, and simple passive scalar tracking are all commonly used in M-Star.

Particles and bubbles fields are another useful tool to evaluate system behavior.

  • Large Eddy Simulation
  • Scalar, thermal fields
  • Particles, bubbles
  • Chemical reactions
  • Non-Newtonian fluids, custom fluid models
  • Custom C++ plugin architecture


M-Star outputs data into common formats (VTK) compatible with most post-processing tools. Out of the box we recommend users start with the free software Paraview (Kitware). M-Star provides special Paraview scripts to further assist users in processing their output quickly.

Additional In-Situ analysis is also standard with M-Star for certain common items, such as power number, mean age, and blend time calculations. This built-in ability reduces post-processing time and immediately delivers results you need.

One of the most interesting things about working with M-Star is that you get to take advantage of having time-accurate output, and lots of it. This allows incredibly rich analysis to be performed. It really is amazing what just falls out of the code.

Client Oriented

M-Star prides itself on providing great service to our clients. We enjoy being challenged by the problems our clients face and delivering high value results.

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