M-Star CFD Validates Novel Lattice Boltzmann Large Eddy Simulations for Biopharma Equipment Characterization


M-Star CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software, a product of M-Star Simulations, LLC, is cited in the journal Processes for its model validation of Novell Lattice Boltzmann Large Eddy Simulations (LB LES) in biopharma.

The article records the first time the Lattice Boltzmann Method was proven for Large Eddy Simulations and supports biopharma taking biologic processes from lab-scale to production-scale with greater speed and fidelity. 

The Lattice Boltzmann (LB) Method is a class of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods for fluid simulation, in which fluid density on a lattice is simulated with streaming and collision processes. The LB Method can mimic common fluid behavior like vapor/liquid coexistence, and therefore fluid systems such as liquid droplets can be simulated.  This is important in biopharma when taking a biologic process from lab-scale, table-top bioreactors to production scale.

M-Star CFD handles fluid dynamic simulations with millions of individually tracked bubbles, allowing biopharma companies to model complex bioreactor physics problems – including mass transfer and multiphase fluid flow – accurately and in minutes. 

The research was conducted by a group of scientists led by Maike Kuschel of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, and a team from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany. In the published study in Processes’ Model Valuation Procedures Special Issue (May 2021), transient LB LES were applied to simulate a 3 L bioreactor system. The CFD software results were favorably compared to novel 4D particle tracking experiments, which resolve the motion of thousands of passive tracer particles on their journey through the bioreactor.

“M-Star CFD creates a ‘digital twin’ with computational fluid dynamics to validate things other CFD tools cannot,” says John Thomas, Ph.D., President, M-Star Simulations. “The article published in Processes shows that M-Star CFD’s simulation results are indistinguishable from what can be measured in a lab. M-Star CFD has helped advance COVID-19 vaccines and many other important biopharma products.”