M-Star CFD Published
in NVIDIA Container Catalog


CFD software is only as useful as it is usable. And a big part of being usable is the ability to get up and running—fast. That’s why M-Star CFD is now available on NVIDIA’s NGC Container Catalog. 

Container technology is a method to package a software application so it can run with its dependencies isolated from other processes. In other words, the application is able to run quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another without worrying about installation particulars. 

Containers help people deploy software in an enterprise environment (if it’s an in-house resource) or even on the cloud. Container and cloud-based computing environments go hand-in-hand in maximizing efficiency for users. M-Star is compatible to run on any machine that supports Docker technology with GPU support. With containers, users are able to simply “turn on” M-Star CFD for use right away.

Find M-Star CFD on the NVIDIA catalog.