Real World Models.
Real Time Results.

Build advanced fluid models in minutes, predict real-time dynamics with precision, and solve more complex fluid flow problems faster. M-Star is CFD software for the real world.

Easy to Use CFD Software

M-Star computational fluid dynamics software is easy to use with most users trained to use the tool in a matter of hours. There is no volume meshing in the M-Star CFD workflow. You will focus on defining your physical modeling parameters right away. Bring your own CAD files or leverage our vast library of built-in geometries to get started quickly. Beginners and seasoned CFD veterans alike will find themselves at home in M-Star.

Multiphase & Multiphysics Simulations

The core fluid motion equations are implemented using the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) algorithm. This accurately models turbulent fluid motion without resorting to low order turbulence models. Many fluid rheology models are built in to model the actual viscosity/strain relationship of your system. This includes Newtonian, non-Newtonian, and yield stress rheology models. You will then add on more physics such as solid particles, DEM, scalar fields, chemical reactions, and other components.

GPU Native

You need to model a process that takes seconds, minutes, or hours of runtime. M-Star CFD software meets this need by leveraging GPU accelerators and modern computational algorithms resulting in a high rate of simulated runtime. To illustrate this example, our standard Rushton agitator case with eight million fluid cells will capture one minute of simulated runtime on an Nvidia 2060 in about 20 minutes of wall time. With V100 and A100 GPUs, you can achieve simulations with more than one billion cells.

Explore CFD Applications

Engineers, scientists, and researchers of every experience level use M-Star CFD software to model a multitude of momentum, energy, and mass transport problems. Our platform is easy to use for novice engineers but will also reward advanced users with data-rich solutions to complex, multi-physics problems.

Validated and Trusted

M-Star CFD software is trusted by Pfizer, AbbVie, Bristol Myers Squibb, and other leading firms in the chemical, biopharmaceutical, and energy sectors, including the US Department of Energy.

Predictions from the software are rigorously validated against experimental data and applied worldwide to critical manufacturing processes​.

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