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What’s the Big Deal About GPU Computing? [PODAST]

This week, guest Brian DeVincentis, M-Star’s Lead Algorithm Developer, joins John to discuss the question, “What’s the big deal about GPU computing?” “It’s an exciting…

What’s Wrong with CFD Software Today? [VIDEO]

M-Star President John Thomas talks about the problems with traditional CFD software – and what’s possible today with modern tools.

Scaling Up Bioreactors

Scaling Up Bioreactors with CFD Software: 3 Steps

Scaling up bioreactors is often one of the most complex steps of a biologic production process. Here’s how you can overcome this.

cfd digital twin

Developing a CFD Digital Twin: 4 Steps for Successful Outcomes

When other experimental approaches are too limited to effectively predict a fluid process, engineers can create a CFD digital twin. Here are four steps to get started.

computational fluid dynamics software

What is Computational Fluid Dynamics Software? 3 Essential Features for Engineers

In this blog, we discuss the benefits, evolution and key features of CFD software.

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