Case Studies and Guides

M-Star Graphic Processing Unit FAQs [CASE STUDY]

M-Star CFD is designed to run on GPUs—pairing modern algorithms with modern GPU architectures to deliver maximum science. There are a lot of GPU options,…

How AbbVie Built Digital Twins to Understand Miscible Fluid Blending [CASE STUDY]

With M-Star CFD software, AbbVie built accelerated digital twins of a physical mixing tank to predict real-time fluid mechanics with a fidelity that rivals experimental data.

Next-Gen CFD Software: The Smart Engineer’s Guide [GUIDE]

To solve the complex fluid problems of today, the industry can no longer rely on the tools of yesterday. Enter next-gen CFD software. Researchers, engineers…

Validating Lattice Boltzmann LES for Biopharma Equipment Characterization [PUBLICATION]

Boehringer Ingelheim and the Institute of Multiphase Flows use M-Star CFD to apply transient LB LES to a 3L bioreactor system and compare results to a steady RANS simulation.

How Pfizer Leveraged Digital Twins to Create a Process Scale-Up Roadmap [CASE STUDY]

Pfizer built digital twins with M-Star CFD to perform lab experiments in silico, accelerating the speed of manufacturing innovation and minimizing the scope of required supporting experimental studies.

M-Star CFD Capabilities [CASE STUDY]

M-Star CFD is a computational fluid dynamics software that pairs modern Lattice Boltzmann algorithms with modern GPU architectures. Designed to run on 100+million point meshes…

Next-Gen GPU Native CFD is Here [INFOGRAPHIC]

M-Star CFD leverages next-gen GPU-based algorithms to help you build, model, and solve more complex fluid flow problems faster. View the infographic to see what…

Bristol Myers Squibb Predicts Mass & Oxygen Transfer in Bioreactors [CASE STUDY]

BMS used M-Star CFD to build time dependent, bubble-resolved, two-phase models to investigate the real-time blending, and mass and oxygen transfer in stirred tank bioreactors.

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