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will cfd ever replace experiment

Hybridizing CFD & Experiment in Research [PODCAST]

This week, guest Piero Armenante, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at NJIT, joins John to talk about his background in mixing, what it takes to join his research group at NJIT, and the hybridization of CFD and experiment in his research.

How much faster is M-Star compared to other CFD solvers?

The independent results are in: M-Star solves the same models/physics with a speed about 100–1000x faster than any popular “Other Software You See” FVM solver….

will cfd ever replace experiment

CFD with SPX Flow: Systems From One to One Million Gallons [PODCAST]

This week, guest Richard Kehn, Principal Engineer Mixing Technology at SPX Flow, joins John to talk about his experience as an engineer, large scale CFD workflow and advice for engineers just starting out.

How To: Agitated Tank Example

This is a quick example of using M-Star to model an agitated tank system with particles.

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