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Theoretical Foundation


M-Star CFD is a computational modeling tool used to predict heat, mass, momentum, and particle transport processes across three-dimensional space and time. The solver combines a lattice-Boltzmann-based fluid transport kernel with a high-resolution flux limiter scheme to solve the Navier-Stokes and advection-diffusion equations simultaneously. By writing algorithms that fully exploit modern computer architectures, simulations execute order-of-magnitude faster than conventional finite-difference schemes while providing superior accuracy and precision. The fundamentality of this modeling approach minimizes the need for user parameter tuning and shortens the learning curve associated with model building and post-processing.

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Software Documentation

M-Star CFD has three primary components: M-Star Build, M-Star Solve and M-Star Post. M-Star Build is a graphical interface used to prepare the model and set simulation parameters. M-Star Solve uses input files generated from the interface to execute the simulation. M-Star Post renders and plots the data generated by the solver.

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