Time-Accurate Fluid Dynamics

Large Eddy Simulation means no guessing on turbulence models

No Meshing

Save time with minimal pre-processing

Cloud Enabled

Send jobs directly to the cloud with our built-in synchronization technology

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Large Eddy Simulation

From energy dissipation rates to transient impeller force to residence time distributions, extract data that are simply unobtainable from RANS CFD.

Minimal Pre-Processing

No more meshing, period. Meshless pre-processing means you can reduce total analysis costs. Import your CAD models directly into our Rhinoceros3d-based software and setup your model. Run some of the most sophisticated CFD simulations in the world with minimal setup time. Focus on results.

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DOW Chemical Company
Eli Lilly and Company
Proctor & Gamble
PPG Industries
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd