M-Star and CAD-IT
Sign Reselling Agreement


M-Star has reached an exciting new phase of company growth: from the developer of a specialized tool to a global software company. 

In a recent strategic partnership with CAD-IT, M-Star has extended the company’s global reach to provide top level support to research scientists across Asia. 

CAD-IT is an engineering company that guides clients to successful implementation of Industry 4.0 enablement technologies—specifically digital twins based on CFD, CAE, and IoT. By combining CFD and system simulation, researchers will have the ability to specifically implement phenomena that occur in real physical space.

“This collaboration with M-Star is expected to enable the CAD-IT group to get closer to real-time digital twin,” said Young Back, CAD-IT Country Manager. “In particular, the support and sales of M-STAR will be expanded through collaboration with CAD-IT branch offices distributed around the world.”