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cloud computing for cfd

CFD in the Cloud [PODCAST]

This week, guest Kevin Smith, M-Star’s Director of Software Development, joins John to discuss computational fluid dynamics in the cloud. 

What’s the Big Deal About GPU Computing? [PODAST]

This week, guest Brian DeVincentis, M-Star’s Lead Algorithm Developer, joins John to discuss the question, “What’s the big deal about GPU computing?”

What’s Wrong with CFD Software Today? [VIDEO]

M-Star President John Thomas talks about the problems with traditional CFD software – and what’s possible today with modern tools.

Scaling Up Bioreactors

Scaling Up Bioreactors with CFD Software:
Three Steps

Scaling up bioreactors is often one of the most complex steps of a biologic production process. Here’s how you can overcome this.

cfd digital twin

Developing a CFD Digital Twin:
Four Steps for Successful Outcomes

When other experimental approaches are too limited to effectively predict a fluid process, engineers can create a CFD digital twin. Here are four steps to get started.

computational fluid dynamics software

What is Computational Fluid Dynamics Software?
Three Essential Features for Engineers

In this blog, we discuss the benefits, evolution and key features of CFD software.

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