Your Pharmaceutical Production Process is Too Slow. Scale Up.

Scale-up production and bring compounds to market faster with M-Star CFD. Because you can’t accurately predict complex, multi-fluid mixing processes inside agitated tanks without it (unless you want to spend a lot of time and money).

How it Works

Quick Setup. Quick Results.

Other CFD solutions take months to implement and learn how to use before you even think about getting results. M-Star takes about a week. And it was built to run on millions and billions of lattice grid points, allowing you to simulate complex mixing problems – including mass transfer, multiphase fluid flow and more – accurately and in minutes.

  • Rheology Complex Rheology
  • Stratification Density Stratification
  • Vortex Surface Vortexing
  • Dissipation Shear/Energy Dissipation
  • Impeller Time-varying Impeller Speed
  • Blending Blendtime

A CFD Digital Twin to Understand Miscible Fluid Blending

Read how AbbVie develop digital twins of multi-fluid agitated tanks using M-Star CFD. From these twins, the mixing and dilution processes of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drug substance was optimized in silico.

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