M-Star Solve


The M-Star compute engine uses direct numerical simulations (DNS) for laminar and transitional systems, and large eddy simulations (LES) for turbulent systems. The robustness of these time-accurate approaches eliminates the ambiguity associated with traditional turbulence models. It captures transient flow patterns that cannot be resolved using time-averaged CFD, and correctly predicts the effects of scale-up on flow dynamics.


Read more about M-Star solver capabilities here - Capability


Simulations can be executed on Windows or Linux environment, across arbitrary numbers of CPUs and compute nodes. M-Star CFD users can run their simulation anywhere, whether that be on a local windows machine, third-party cloud provider, or another high performance computing (HPC) resource. With many firms adopting to have both internal and cloud based resources, this is a perfect fit for M-Star.


Licenses are generally issued as floating licenses so that the compute engine may execute on any resource under the control of your organization. We do not limit core counts in any of our license models.