The M-Star DMT


The M-Star Digital Mixing Tank (DMT) is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code that provides incredible insights. This software is built from the ground up to make the CFD process as easy as possible.

  • Leverage the power of Rhinoceros 3d
  • Large Eddy Simulation
  • Built-in Push-To-Cloud Technology
  • Integrated data processing for mixing applications
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Reduce Costs with Minimal Pre-Processing

Reduce your total analysis costs with the M-Star DMT. Directly import your CAD files into the M-Star DMT. All the meshing and voxelization required to run the simulation occurs automatically.

  • Import common CAD files
  • Go from design to simulation
  • Start in minutes

Advanced Turbulence Modelling

The M-Star DMT has a single turbulence model: Smagorinsky LES. Large Eddy Simulation resolves the "large" eddies in a fluid flow and models the small eddies not captured by the grid. Leverage the computational efficiency of the M-Star DMT to run transient LES simulations.

  • Time-accurate physics
  • Resolve turbulence dissipation

Simplified Scaling

Scale up your simulation and export directly to the cloud using our built-in synchronization technology.

  • Run on your local Windows machine
  • Run on your company Linux HPC
  • Built-in Push-To-Cloud function

Fluid-Particle Interactions

Study the effects of fluid flow on point particle dispersion using our efficient one-way coupling algorithm. Alternatively, model the complete six degree-of-freedom dynamics of larger particles that influence and interact with the fluid flow.

  • Tracer particles
  • Inertial particles
  • Two-way coupled particles (large particles)


On-the-fly Exit Age Distribution Processing

Study the transient and steady-state behavior of CSTR and through-flow systems. Calculate residence time distributions, identify short-circuiting/bypassing, identify prefered exit pathways---everything you need to analyze and optimize system performance.

Transient Forces, Torques, and Power Draw

Get insights into the transient forces and torques acting on your blades and impeller assemblies. Identify the key vibrational frequencies and the spatio-temporal surface force distributions that govern mechanical fatigue and failure.
Blade surface forces
Blade Surface Force Data

Local eddy dissipation rates (EDR) and local residence time distributions (RTD)

The M-Star DMT, with appropriate resolution settings, correctly predicts the EDR across space and time. Combined with built-in routines for calculating local RTD, these predictions offer unprecedented insights into reactor chemistries and degrees of completion.

Open-source output files

The M-Star DMT generates ASCII output data and VTI output images, fully compatible with the free (and incredibly powerful) ParaView visualization software. Anyone, anywhere can view, analyze, and post-processes data generated by the M-Star DMT.

Training Videos Available

We provide training videos on Youtube and periodically update them as M-Star DMT capability is enhanced. Visit our Youtube Page to see the M-Star DMT in action.
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